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Why is our product the best?

Our fish is the freshest and of the highest quality

Our farmed fish are more nutritious than wild fish and are fed a variety of protein and nutrient-rich foods and pellets that make them far healthier than wild fish. They are raised in the pristine clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, free of chemicals and pesticides, and are strictly monitored so that only the highest quality product makes it to your plate.

Our fish is proudly Zambian and produced to the highest standards

Produced by Zambians for Zambians. With the influx of Asian imported fish into the market, our product is superior and provides jobs to local Zambians using the latest modern facilities and quality control practices. Oreochromis Tanganicae, or Tanganyika Tilapia -as we like to call it, is a unique product that only Mpende Fisheries Ltd has the ability to grow commercially in off shore fish farm cages.

Our fish is environmentally friendly

We care about the environment. Another advantage of endemic species aquaculture is that it reduces the strain on wild fisheries and native fish stocks. The more fish farming meets our needs, the less incentive there is to purchase wild-caught fish. That in turn reduces the temptation to over-fish and improves the likelihood that wild stocks can maintain a healthy population.  We even selectively breed and produce our fingerlings so every fish is superior.

Our fish simply tastes great!

As our fish are raised in open water cages and fed only the best foods, they are leaner, healthier and tastier than any other fish in Zambia. That is why our customers keep coming back for more.

Why compromise on anything less?

Leading Zambia in Aquaculture Innovation

We are pioneers in the aquaculture industry on Lake Tanganyika as we are the first and only current off shore Tilapia cage farm in operation. 

Environmentally sustainable

Our Tilapia are endemic to Lake Tanganyika, this means we have not introduced this fish species to our pristine waters as has been done in other water bodies at the risk of their unique biodiversity and ecology.  Mpende has worked closely with our Fisheries Department, Zambia Environmental Management Agency and the Lake Tanganyika Authority to ensure we comply and enforce the strict principles set out for the Lake Tanganyika basin. 

Using revolutionary techniques on Lake Tanganyika

Using world class specialists and study, we have developed our pioneering methods of commercially farming  the endemic Oreochromis Tanganicae. From selected breed stock, all the fingerlings are produced on site and as they grow are moved into progressively larger tanks, then into the large 30 tonne capacity nets in the clear pristine waters of Tanganyika.

Guaranteed Freshness

Our product is always fresh and tasty. Our fish are processed on site and our facilities and procedures are of the highest standards so your fish is handled with the utmost care to ensure only the best quality Tilapia ends up on your plate. Ask for the best, ask for Tanganyika Tilapia.

Supporting Local Communities

The sustainable and responsible development of Lake Tanganyika aquaculture is a big step into retaining the fragile yet incredibly diverse ecosystem for local communities in Zambia’s Northern region. By employing local staff and providing training we are empowering them in a growing industry to support their future.